November 11, 2017

Chef Maroun Chedid Launches His Cooking Academy

The wait is over! The Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy is ready to welcome all foodies, professionals, and children with a unique selection of classes and workshops that explore the different cooking techniques and cuisines.

Dedicated to the love of food & its never-ending exploration, our classes & workshops are given by professional international and local chefs and are held every day of the week.

Discover our unique setting, with state-of-the-art equipment by Miele and Kitchen Aid and most importantly, have fun while learning the joys of cooking with Maroun Chedid and his fellow Chef friends. Cooking will never be the same again!

The first course:

  • Fresh Pasta Masterclass 140$: A 4 hours class of discovery for foodies and professional chefs in search of new culinary techniques to refine their cooking abilities with contemporary and highly original dishes.

Check out Maroun Chedid academy website.

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