July 21, 2012

Chef Mood, Luna Rossa and the Art of Cooking!

A few weeks ago we mentioned the name Chef Mood and Metis to you. Metis is the new sensual mix of dark chocolate introducing a new taste & flavor to the Lebanese community in a simple statement: "Cooking is a form of Art."

Now that Ramadan has started, Chef Mood seems to be on a roll, creating new things following his original beliefs that Cooking is indeed a form of art. This triggered my interested.

Who is Chef Mood? I believe he's a name to look out for...


Mohamad Naccache uses classical forgotten Lebanese ingredients in his recipes, reinventing them in his own special way to create a new exquisite taste better known as "The mix of sensuality." Today, a special dessert was created for the holy month of Ramadan, another recent creation with a mix of "Amar el Deen" is available upon order named after the red moon, the official name of the cake is  "Luna Rossa", this time white Chocolate triumphs over the dark one. For the lovers of white chocolate & that special mix you can order "Luna Rossa" directly from Chef Mood.

Chef Mood?

MohamadNaccache Known as "Chef Mood" was born in the heart of Ras Beirut in 1982, his love for cooking started at an early age as his mom was the first to notice his talent, and gave him the liberty to get creative in the kitchen. Later on "Chef Mood" perused a degree in hotel management & international kitchen. He has been in the business for over 5 years & successfully delivered inside and outside private catering,  private parties, corporate presentations, office parties, anniversaries, birthday parties (from toddlers to adults), baby showers and open air festivals. Expect new creations from Chef Mood adding new flavors to the Lebanese cuisine.  

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