April 02, 2016 Paris France Europe

Chipotle Comes to France: Fast Mexican with a Touch
Non-smokers friendly
Quick Eats

Phone Number: +33 1 45 78 17 49

Address: Centre Commercial Beaugrenelle, 1 Rue Linois, 75015 Paris, France ( 11AM - 11PM)

Website: http://www.chipotle.fr/

Price Range: 13-21 $

Chipotle, one of the world's fastest growing franchises, has made the to France. Some consider it as the best Mexican fast food but I personally didn't have a good experience the last time I tried it in New York. The concept is clear, fill in a wrap or a bowl until it's about to explode and eat a mix of a hundred flavors together without knowing what you're consuming.


In Beaugrenelle, the famous luxury mall of Paris is Chipotle. We waited in line to have a meal but it was worth the wait to try the French version of Chipotle. Choose a plate (burrito, tacos, plate or salad), choose the filling (chicken, barbacoa, vegetarian, pork or steak) and finish it with some sauces.

The place has the Chipotle logo welcoming you into a dimmed and dark interior. Grey and black with high tables facing the bar as well as another seating area occupying the end of the shop. Everything is prepared a la minute, the avocado salad, the meat and sandwiches.

Following the line, the kitchen occupies the left side. Avocado turns into guacamole in front of you, a man prepares the chicken, another is cutting the meat chunks while the vegetables are left to roast. It looks fresh and smells good. The staff is smiley and welcoming despite the rush.


Behind the glass counter sandwiches are prepared. We had one chicken and one meat. Aluminum foil is opened, the wrap is heated and laid on it while the journey begins. Rice, black beans, meat (steak or marinated beef) and the salads followed by the sauce. Size wise the portions are smaller around here; in the States they fill it to bursting.

An explosion of flavors, textures and spices mixed all together where a bit of meat hidden under the rice is eaten without sauce because the guacamole and sour cream are on the right side, while the cheese on top is not melted. It is tasty but you don't know what you're eating. The sandwich is even better, wrapped together the ingredients are hot, the chicken is tender, the guacamole is fresh and the rice adds some texture. The bread is tender and lightly chewy which is good filled with well cooked ingredients. 


In my opinion the experience is different than the one in New York. Ingredients seem fresher and the taste is good, the filling is moist and warm presenting a Mexican wrap with a French touch.

Below are the pictures of Chipotle's Beaugrenelle location.

Suitable For: Quick Eats





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