November 09, 2016 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

CNN Traveler: A Unique News Experience at the Airport in Dubai (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +971 4 224 5555

Address: Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Price Range: 5-100 $

As you walk through the new Terminal D at Dubai's airport, you won't miss CNN's new signboard - CNN Traveler. You will find yourself asking, "Is this a newsstand or is it one of CNN's offices around the world?" It's actually a coffee shop. This is CNN Traveler's second coffee shop, the first is located in Abu Dhabi Airport. This coffee shop is a place where people can connect, share, learn, watch and eat in a fun and fresh ambiance. I took the stairs up to the first floor and pure  amazement struck! Wow!


A beautiful concept where the international new network, CNN, talks the traveler's language, while promoting the brand in a professional way. Screens cover the walls, white and red are the colors, relaxing leather sofas you only see at first class lounges, light wood, grey sofas, wooden boxes and chandeliers all set around a main bar. I was really amazed by the decor, the grandiose feel and the little details of this unique restaurant. I didn't expect to live a CNN experience and I'm so happy I did.

CNN Traveller café, gives visitors a comprehensive CNN experience including: CNN International broadcast in HD on a number of screens, with integrated audio system for each table; curated online, social and visual CNN content displayed on a media wall comprising four state-of-the-art Samsung digital signages; latest news headlines in an RSS news ticker situated above the serving counter.



The café offers customers a wide range of food and beverages in CNN Traveller-branded packaging and crockery. Items on the menu include local specialties such as fatoush or taboule salad as well as a selection of open sandwiches, breakfast and all-day sandwiches and wraps. Customers also have access to free Wi-Fi.

Lines of led lights broadcast the latest news, CNN live broadcasts on the screens, CNN merchandise, a selection of beers and pre-prepared sandwiches, two USB and two electricity plugs next to each table and much much more.

Two red lines printed everywhere are the cafe's signature. Every table and every chair have been thought about, the parabolic sound, the table storage corner, the hooks below he table and the relaxing seats. Cozy and warm yet trendy and innovative, the space offers a view on the terminal below.


The food is good and I enjoyed my coffee, the panini mozzarella sandwich, the chocolate croissant and the service.

I'm sure photos speak for themselves, enjoy them in the gallery below.





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