May 13, 2020

Coca-Cola Brings Costa Coffee to the USA

Coca-Cola Brands: Enjoy a Coffee Break with Costa Coffee

Born in London, now bound for the U.S., Costa Coffee is the coffee your coffee wishes it tasted like.

The Costa Coffee story began in 1971 when Sergio and Bruno Costa arrived in London from Italy with a passion to sweeten any bitterness in life by making great tasting, smooth, bitter-free coffee. After blind-testing 112 variations of coffee, our first Signature Blend was born and now almost 50 years later Costa Coffee has arrived in the U.S.

Upon our arrival, and during these uncertain times, the first thing we'd like to do is share an at-home coffee break with you. We recently offered Coca-Cola employees a special promo code to enjoy Costa Coffee products, and as a member of our Coca-Cola family, we want to extend the same offer to you.

Enjoy the employee discount of 25% off your purchase of 2 or more Costa Coffee products to be delivered straight to you.

Use promo code EMPLOYEE25 to enjoy the discount with free shipping, through 5/31.

Shop and learn more about Costa Coffee today.





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