March 18, 2014

Coca-Cola's Exclusive Crystal Glass by Riedel

Coca-Cola now has something in common with chardonnay, cabernet and champagne - an exclusively designed crystal glass from Riedel Crystal. The 258-year-old custom glass maker known throughout the wine world for its varietal-specific stemware and decanters, has released a glass designed to unfurl Coke’s complex flavors, aromas and feel. 4 The glass fulfills the lifelong dream of Georg Riedel, the 10th generation owner of the Austrian company. On his fourth birthday -- 60 years ago -- his parents bought him a 12-pack of Coca-Cola. He savored every sip, self-rationing the dozen small glass bottles to make them last. 3 Riedel is considered as the Rolls Royce of the drinkware category. They created a glass that would remind people of the specialness of drinking a Coca-Cola -- and connect back to the brand’s heritage -- and Riedel was the right partner to make that happen. Riegel CEO Georg Riedel said in an interview with Fast Company, “This glass starts with the introduction of the aromas, beautiful lemon, citrus, lime character, malt characteristics, the mouth feel, the effervescence. The glass orchestrates the sweetness on the palate.” 1 The winning design was inspired by the curves of Coke’s original contour bottle. According to Riedel, the combination of the size and curvature of the “bowl” and its rim diameter unleash Coke’s sweetness, spiciness and “bite, along with its more subtle nuances. He hopes the glass -- which he describes with the lyrical flair of a sommelier -- will invite consumers to appreciate the brand in a new way. The Coca-Cola + Riedel glass can be purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond and online at the Coca-Cola Store. Additional retailers are expected to stock the glass in the coming months.
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