August 12, 2019 Armenia Europe

Cool things to do in Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan is one of those cities that you hear about but likely couldn’t point to on the map.

Are you planning to head in Yerevan and have no idea what things to do? We want to suggest you an amazing guide on unusual things to do in Armenia. Visit this summer, and you will find beautiful architecture, lovely parks, great museums, testy food, and finally, pleasant hospitality. 

Walking around the city gives you the opportunity to feel the breath of the city, enjoy rich architecture, see the history of the city and iconic places.

  • Watch the city from the Cascade.

Cascade was constructed in 1971 and was renovated in 2009. The Cascade is the unique and original architectural competition of the city.  It has 572 steps, which connect two areas of the city. You can reach the top of the Cascade also by escalators and on every floor, there are different artworks, modern art museums, on the top you can see very impressive Swarovski Crystal Palace museum. The views from the top of Cascade are fantastic with Mount Ararat and Yerevan’s iconic pink buildings.

  • Republic Square-Dancing Fountains.

The Republic Square covers 14,000 square meters. It was made of Armenian rose tufa. The Republic Square is unique with its singing and dancing fountains. List of the songs includes traditional and classic Armenian music, and foreign as well. Fountains colors and dance are in accordance with the melody and song rhythm. There is an interesting story, fountains consist of 2750 water streams, due to Yerevan’s 2750 anniversary.

2.Republic Square Yerevan

  • The Museums of History.

Yerevan has few museums that are must to visit and get more historical information about the old country. One is the National Museum of history that has over 400,000 artifacts. You can find the museum in Republic Square.  It features Ethnography, Archaeology, Numismatics, and Modern History departments, with collections in each. In the Matenadaran you will see ancient texts, books in several languages from around the world.

  • Spend a pleasant time in parks.

One of the reasons to love Yerevan is its parks, where you can spend a pleasant time, work, relax, or enjoying a picnic. Most popular and beautiful are Lover’s Park, English Park, and Yerevan 2800 Park. Lovers Park is the most popular and oldest one. It is a very romantic place for lovers. English Park is the biggest in the city, has almost 6ha green area. Yerevan 2800 park is one of the most visited places in the city.  Children like to run through the water and fill their time with a lot of laughs.  In the park, 2800 fountains were situated to the anniversary of the city and 250 exclusive trees were planted of 70 unique species. In 2018 the capital of Yerevan celebrated its 2800thAnniversary.

  • Ararat Brandy Factory.

Ararat Brandy is made from local white grapes, opening in 1887. During the tour in the factory, visitors learn about the traditional method of creating the drink, production process, and bottling.  Also, visitors get to taste two or three types of fine brandy.

  • Yerevan Opera Theatre.

Architect Alexander Tamanian built Opera Theatre in 1933. It consists of two concert halls, Aram Khatchatrian hall seating 1400 people, Ballet National Theatre, Alexander Spendiaryan Opera and Ballet National Theatre with 1200people. Around the opera is called Aztutyan Square, where are many cafes and pubs which are attractive to everyone.


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