August 02, 2012

Cricket Sashimi Anyone? Ento - The Art of Eating Insects

I have been telling my friends a while that I really want to go to China some day to try the taste and feel of insects between my teeth. Why not? Edible insects are a healthy, tasty, and sustainable source of protein. But how could we make them an everyday reality?

This project is a road map for introducing edible insects to the western diet. We believe that this cultural leap could be achieved through a sequence of products and services that will steadily build acceptance.

Insects offer a solution to accelerating global food demand. They are much more space and energy efficient than traditional livestock and will happily eat the crops we don't want. They are also high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol, and rich in nutrients like omega-3. We designed our brand: Ento to build awareness of the benefits of edible insects. Ento will deliver a succession of foods and eating experiences that will gently challenge our cultural taboo. And perhaps by 2020, fresh grasshoppers will be a regular sight in your local Tesco. The students have worked with a chef and made real recipes to include the insects. This way the idea of eating bugs can easily be digested - mentally as well as physically. Check out the pics for their amazing appeal.

They hope, though, that the Ento Box is just a gateway. Their prospective business timeline shows that by 2020, we’ve hopefully done away with the delicacy of having our bugs turned into fancy looking foods, and are instead chowing down on handfuls of grasshoppers. It may be hard to picture, but we may not have a choice.

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