July 24, 2013

Cutlery And Kitchen Tools With Sensors

Leaven Range of Cutlery And Kitchen Tools  were created for a person who is suffering from partial or full sight loss. leaven_range4 The Double Contrast Glass, Jug, Hob Guard, Plate B, Mug, Cutlery and Chopping Board with Chopping Knife are all a part of the Leaven Range of Cutlery And Kitchen Tools. Essentially the range is very interactive and with subtle hints and indentations is able to provide sensory feedback to the user. leaven_range7 With the intention of making the dining experience more confident and fulfilling, designer Simon Kinneir has addressed and resolved quite a few key issues. leaven_range8 Subtle changes can improve the practicality and enjoyability of a task; for people with sight-loss, confidence in the kitchen increases self-sufficiency. leaven_range12 Through touch, temperature, sound, or movement, these products amplify active processes in the task at hand. leaven_range23
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