January 14, 2020 Bickfaya Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Daher Gemayel: Delicious Roasted Peanuts in Bickfaya

Peanuts, probably the best in town! Visiting a burger shop in Kornet Chehwan for a review, other than the food burger, the experience left me impressed by the peanuts; simply peanuts proposed on all tables as a nibble. I followed the peanuts and ended at Daher in Bickfaya. 

His name is Daher Gemayel, his shop’s name is Gemaco and he roasts unique peanuts. With love, at home, made to impress, the peanuts are extremely toasted to crunch in salt. I’ve already enjoyed with my family five kilos of them -my kids loved them!!!

After meeting Daher, I proposed visiting his home and checking in the peanuts and I’m happy I did so. Enjoy the video I filmed.

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