January 20, 2019 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Delivering Poke Bowls to Work: Aloha Poke
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Apparently, there’s a food district in Hamra called “The Food District” hosting Aloha Poke, Soul Food, Taco Diablos and City Wok. Craving a poke bowl, I ordered from Aloha Poke.


I’d say “not bad” for the bowls. The first impression when receiving a bowl half full is not too appetizing until you have the first bite. A bit too much mayonnaise, the salmon is not too cold, a load of lettuce to fill up the big bowls but the taste is good enough.


I liked the green edamame, the crunchy macadamia, the brown rice and the quality of crab sticks. I didn’t like the excess of mayonnaise, the pineapples and mangos adding too much sweetness to the bowls.

Five bowls which I paid 55$ is a good value for money. Not bad as a delivery choice... to be honest, I prefer “Ahi Poke” and and “Pick a Poke” where passion and know-how are felt in every bowl much more than simply being a mix of edible creamy ingredients mixed together.


Aloha is not what Poke is all about.

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