December 22, 2014 Badaro Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Don Baker: A Dark Chocolate Crepe with Hints of Perfection (Discontinued)

Phone Number: +961 1 384 304

Address: Badaro main road, Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 5-20 $

Don Baker: Delicious Pizzas and Mouthwatering Crepes

Remember the fine crepe I discovered in July?


This dark chocolate crepe (Chocorange), a blend of 100% Callebaut dark chocolate, orange jam and crushed almonds. Ouf! An overwhelming extravagant crepe presented in an uneven way and filled with a melting dark chocolate that's equilibrated by a small portion of orange jam that has a subtle taste while the almonds add this fine end enjoyable crunch. A fine piece of redefined finesse in every bite filling a thin dough that's crunchy on the sides and slightly chewy on the inside putting up-front the ingredients. Not only the filling is unique but the dough extremely special. To make it even more exceptional, a gently sugar powder covers it. Breathtaking to say the least!


I dreamed of it last night and decided to come back for more. This time for the Chocoframboise, which also uses 100% dark Callebaut chocolate and some raspberry jam... Hoping it will make me happy like its sibling.

Let the journey begin: A slight sweetness erupts while the powder sugar touches your lips... A gentle sponginess starts melting under your teeth while the crepe dough dismantles reveling the rich heart, a strong dark chocolate that's softened by the raspberry jam which adds the needed sweetness. I love it, love its simplicity, its ingredients and surely its taste.


Six months after, Don Baker's chocolate crepe is still my favorite around town. My personal recommendation would be the orange chocolate crepe. 


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