November 25, 2019

Drop: A New Water Bottle Made from Plants

Designed by this years' winner of The Design Museum's "Design of the Year" award, "Drop" is a compact, eco friendly water bottle which encourages a steady flow of hydration throughout the day. This product is made entirely from plants with the primary aim of reducing negative environmental impact.



The Drop bottle is entirely manufactured from PLA – a bioplastic fermented from plant starch such as corn, sugarcane, cassava or sugar beet pulp. The stopper/lid is made from locally sourced natural cork. Furthermore, the product is 100% recyclable since PLA - It takes just 1 month to fully biodegrade.


"Healthy Hydration" is a term which discourages 'binge drinking' of water (drinking too much in a short space of time). Instead, it can hold up to 156ml of water – ensuring the recommended hourly intake of water is consumed. Numerous hydration tests were carried out and 2L – 2.5L of water is the recommended daily intake. Humans are awake for an average of 16 hours a day. This means that 156ml of water should be consumed every hour. In addition, it forces people to regularly refill the bottle with fresh water.

Drop has been beautifully designed to be comfortable to use, as well as small enough to be thrown in a bag, or held without becoming a burden. This simple product has the potential to save millions – both physically, and mentally.

Drop encapsulates 3 main elements:

  1. It is great for the environment being made from sustainable materials as well as being recyclable after its life.
  2. The unique design makes it a beautiful accessory - it aims to be the newest fashion trend and replace other reusable bottles on the market.
  3. Finally, it has an intelligent approach to hydration. Rather than most other reusable bottles, the volume of liquid inside drop is scientifically calculated to give a steady flow of hydration throughout the day – ultimately changing the way the world drinks.



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