April 14, 2017 Washington DC USA Americas

Einstein Bros. Bagels: Loved These Real Bagels in Washington
Non-smokers friendly
Quick Eats

I didn't for one moment think I'd be writing a review about a bagel place until I plunged into the first bite... I came in to have a cold Coke and ended up ordering three bagels. Einstein Bros is a simple bagel cafe inside the train terminal at Washington DC main Amtrak hub. A bagel with cream cheese for only $2.8 is worth much more than that. 


Lightly chewy and enjoyably warm, these bagels are the real thing. The reason I say so is because sometimes what are presented as bagels are merely a normal baguette with a hole in the middle.

I ordered the blueberry bagel, which is the best in my opinion, and the whole wheat and honey as well as the chocolate chips. The three with cream cheese inside. Loaded with cream cheese and lightly toasted, I enjoyed the three bagels with a smile on my face.


I then found out that Einstein Bros is found across the United States and not only a local creation. I'll be looking out for their other locations while travelling around the United States.

Suitable For: Quick Eats


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