March 06, 2019 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

El Hajj Nasr: Beirut’s Iconic Sandwich Place Now Open on Sassine Square
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El Hajj Nasr, the famous street food eatery of Achrafieh has expended’ now open on Sassine Square, the famous Hajj Nasr, the Lebanese street food destination of Beirut is now open all day long. The eatery that used to open at two in the morning until quantities last, usually closing at 11 in the morning can welcome you until eight in the evening. 


Let me tell you my story with Hajj Nasr. I remember this guy, standing seriously behind his counter, preparing hundreds of sandwiches every morning without needing any help or support. I had a funny encounter way before phones and social media became famous.

With more lights, a cleaner environment, and a welcoming staff, the Achrafieh new location is a treat for the young generation who’s heard Hajj Nasr’s stories from their parents.


I like the place, the white tiles and how the sandwiches names are displayed on the wall; when one is out of stock, you can read “Ken Fi” or “there was”.

Kafta, chicken, chicken liver and chocolate with cream and bananas to finish the experience.


Visit El Hajj Nasr, enjoy the new location now that you can visit on weekends and weekdays while the Hajj comes back from his trip and reopens the original iconic street food destination facing ABC.

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