April 14, 2012 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

February 30: One Of The Funkiest Pubs In Hamra
Out with the Guys

Located in Hamra at the entrance of the new Alleyway, February 30 is the funkiest pub-restaurant around the city.

If you think you have seen it all... At February 30 there is even more. Architecture at its very best.

Trendy, creative and funny, February 30 is a place you should not miss.

You will learn something about recycling and creativity. Everything you can imagine is transformed into tables and chairs. Playing cards is now possible on the ceiling, even dinning is done on one of the walls.

Choose your favorite chair: A Vespa, a Pepsi box, an Almaza old container or even a barber chair. Not only that, trash cans and cooking pans can be sit on as well. As much as I say, you should try it to believe it.

Eat, drink or dance, February 30 is a three in one. Yes, indeed, February 30 is impressive!


Suitable For: Out with the Guys


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