January 18, 2017 New York USA Americas

Fika: Exceptional Chocolate Truffles in New York
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth Coffee Talk

Fika's chocolate truffles are so good! You find many different flavors here; including whisky, salted caramel, goat cheese, champagne, macadamia and so much more... I have already been here and I can tell you that I am in love with this upscale coffee shop.


Fika has introduced this aspect of Swedish cafe culture to the US with its unique coffee blend and premium truffle chocolates. But sadly, some of their locations in New York have closed down for whatever reason.

Staying positive, I ordered an Americano and a box of twelve truffles and sat down to enjoy them.

I loved the coffee. It's smooth, light, aromatic, not bitter, not acidic, it's simply different from anything I have had before in NYC. It's a unique and perfect Swedish concept.

Now for the chocolate truffles... my goodness...the champagne explodes with all its flavors, the salted caramel caresses your taste buds, the chilli tickles your throat leaving a beautiful after note, the caramel alone made me moan - the pleasure lasts from first burst of flavor beyond the last moment on the palate.


Fika is officially my favorite coffee place in New York. The music, the relaxed seating, the quality of people and the chocolates... Fika is a must try.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth Coffee Talk





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