September 17, 2015

Finger Biscuits: Some Innovations are Just Wow!

How many times have you craved just opening a jar of Nutella and dig in with your fingers... I guess most of us have and this is why this 'urge' for all time favorite chocolate jar has led to the creation of innovative cookies designed by Paolo Ulian. Pick one up with your finger, dip into the Nutella jar, et voila, you can enjoy your sweet treat without staining your fingers.


Surprisingly, this finger concept was introduced in 2004, over more than a decade ago, at the Pappilan exhibition in Bolzano/Milan and then acquired by Italian chocolate and confectionery giant, Ferrero, in 2006. But it's not yet available for sale...


But it has recently been flooding the net... are we in for a surprise soon? 


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