March 07, 2013

Food Finish: An Edible Spray Paint

The Deli Garage developed Food Finish with a small food manufacturer that provides topquality food colouring to upmarket pastry and cake shops. The new innovation is the spray can. And that’s exactly what makes refining your culinary creations so very easy.


Off with the lid and on with the spray. Finito! Food Finish will chrome-plate and gold-coat anything in the kitchen that comes under its nozzle – from summer strawberries to the Christmas goose. And with two new colours, you’ll have your food blushing red and moody blue in a jiffy. Food Finish is completely neutral in taste and harmless to eat.


New to the gourmet workshop: FOOD FINISH in gold and silver. Introducing the world's first food colouring in a spray can. Certified edible and tasteless. Lovingly designed illustrations grace the silver can, while inspiring images of bits and bobs adorn the gold cylinder. Use FOOD FINISH to refine everything and anything you like – whatever suits your taste. Just spray and chrome your pretzels, gild your tomatoes, or a full steak - FOOD FINISH adds a shine to anything that comes under its nozzle in the kitchen.


Like with real paint, it’s best to apply several thin layers for that perfect finish. We’ve also been getting some quite interesting and unusual queries. For starters, a Sheikh placed a large order and wanted to know if it’s alright to spray FOOD FINISH on skin. For a gold banquet, no less. Then, the CBS Morning Show have announced they’ll be presenting FOOD FINISH in an upcoming show. But, if you want to get your hands on it quickly, best order straight from the Deli Garage shop.


The idea for FOOD FINISH came from our love of all things chrome-plated or gilded; you could say it's something that’s just been in the air really. And now, at last, what you see on the plate looks just like in a garage: high-gloss, lacquered objects your eyes can't get enough of. Until next week, here's hoping your culinary adventures stay exciting.


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