November 17, 2018 Paris France Europe

Fragments: A Breakfast Place in Paris
Non-smokers friendly

Arriving at Fragments and finding it full, I was expecting magic! It actually says at the door “Welcome to Fragments where the magic happens”. A rude waitress, no menu but the menu board, you can’t even read, tables without cover and a selection of only two choices of food. I’m not sure why Fragments is considered to be one of the best breakfast places where a thousand other choices around the capital are brighter, more welcoming, have more food choices and make sure you are pampered on an early morning.


My first impression: a cat walks on the vegetable baskets -I hope we won’t be eating them afterward. Coffee is bitter, and espresso is way too acidic and lemony to be swallowed.

The good: Opinel knives, Peugeot pepper mills decorate the table, earthy materials are used for decoration, a simple place with calm vibes. There’s an internal court inside bringing fresh air in; I enjoyed looking at it.


The food: way below what I expected!

  • Avocado toasts are loaded with violet onions, the bread is soaked, and the egg needs salt and pepper. No flavor whatsoever, this sandwich is so neutral that I didn’t feel anything. 
  • The scrambled eggs: as good as any scrambled eggs.
  • The bread is amazing! Thick pain de Campagne with crunchy borders and a fluffy, moist heart.
  • The salted butter is great: it’s too yellow, but I loved it.


The cake: “do you want to take it with you she asked?”. I’m having breakfast! Why would I want to take it with me? A chocolate cake delivered without a fork. This place is ridiculous! The cake’s taste though is amazing! I loved its intensity, chocolate quality, texture, and lightness.

  • Do you have a menu? No
  • Can I have the chèque? Go pay at the counter!
  • I want an invoice: no we can’t give you one!


Does it deserve all that hype: no! Below average coffee, average food, unwelcoming service and a waitress that plays with her hair all the time... I’m going to enjoy breakfast elsewhere.





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