March 24, 2020

Fun Things To Do During The Coronavirus Shutdown

READ MORE FROM ALLEVENTS.IN: The turmoil of COVID-19 Coronavirus has affected everyone’s lives and being out there is the last thing we can promote at this point in time. But saying that, we don’t want you to get bored and have dull-drab time while you can’t move out from your cozy little home. If you are having these constant questions of how you can enjoy even in this time of shutdown and what are the fun things to do at home during the coronavirus pandemic then we are here to help you out.

We have curated a list of some amazing activities that you can do even when you are at your home:

[If you find anything that asks you to invite 4–5 friends, then this only is for the cities that do not have a complete lockdown. And when we say this, we want you to be extremely cautious and take all the precautions before you invite even a few people in your space.]




Cooking is a form of art, explore world cuisines online and create something that makes you drool. Devour the delicious food while you have all the time in the world. If you can’t find all the ingredients because of the shutdown, you can at least learn a few dishes or something that is yummy yet easily available.

Learn To Cook Vegetarian Indian Delicacies With Tarla Dalal

If you love the spicy Indian food and want to try out delicious vegetarian recipes then Tarla Dalal’s Youtube channel is for you. Watch her space for mouthwatering Indian delicacies that make you want to start cooking right away.

Want To Have Some Yummmm Non-Veg, Start Cooking With Gordon Ramsay’s Classes

Gordon Ramsay, an international chef and restaurateur hold a fanbase in millions. Learn how to bake a cake, try something new for breakfast or take on a challenging recipe. We suggest his channel if you are looking for some non-veg recipes and want to ace at cooking.

Going For A Slightly Healthy Choice? Here’s A Vegan Food Channel To Help You Keep It Yummy Yet Healthy

If you are looking for a relatively healthier option and want to take on vegan as a choice then Fully Raw Kristina is your go to YouTube channel. Healthy juices, salads, cookies, delicious meals and so much that will keep you glued to her channel.

Cook With Whatever You Have

Supercook is a website that has come off with a very interesting concept. “Cook with what you have”, this is best in the times of quarantine where we might not have few ingredients but we can still have something devouring with all that we have. Just select the ingredients that you have and it will suggest the right recipes. Now, how cool is that!

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