October 29, 2014 Antelias Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Galler Chocolates: A Restaurant and Cafe Now Open in Zalka

I've always wondered how to spell Galler. Is it with an é at the end, or more of a ère? The person who founded this chocolate house, Jean Galler, spelled it with ère. Recognized as the official chocolate of the Belgium monarchy, Galler is indeed a superb chocolate. Recently opened on the Zalka highway, you are welcomed into a beautiful setup that smells of luxury. 


Colors decorate the walls and a display of different chocolates makes you drool. Choose one of the 36 varieties, all of which are filled with many interesting mixes. The best part is their simplicity, simple squares, which only look simple until your lips touch one of them. It's worth noting here that Galler's first Lebanese shop is now in Zalka and sells chocolate, as well as bars, which can't be found anywhere else.

Since 1976 Galler chocolate bars have been delighting chocolate-lovers. 21 bars made from noble and natural ingredients only: the signature of Jean Galler. With fresh pistachio nuts, hazelnuts or even pure, natural vanilla, each Galler bar is a unique gourmet product that combines both depth of flavour and delicacy.

A cafe/restaurant is now open on the first floor, offering signature items including chocolate waffles and chocolate drinks. The place opens at 08:30am and proposes a selection of breakfasts, salted crepes, sweet crepes as well as sandwiches and the, surely unique, Galler chocolate drinks.


This wasn’t a restaurant review, but a chocolate trip. I loved the little details constituting this shop and the special items on display, like the ginger and lemon fingers with their dip, the Orangette, the mini tablettes, as well as the walls decorated with colorful chocolate bars.

I'm not a milk chocolate fan, but Galler will make you change your mind. Try the milk chocolate with salted caramel, called bruges, or the other one with curry. That's heaven! 

To have a general idea of it all, the apricot made my day, the speculoos is exceptional... What caught my attention was the extremely refined 70% dark chocolate.

As a dark chocolate lover, I noticed the Galler cube, the one with a dark chocolate ganache; let's say simply that it was an amazing experience. I loved everything, every single bite, every aroma, every flavor. A certain unmatched finesse takes over your taste buds putting a smile on your face... Just deposit a piece on your tongue, press it over your palate and prepare for it to melt.


I will be back for breakfast and lunch soon, in the mean time, pass by Galler, the chocolate shop on the Zalka highway which opened a cafe/restaurant on its upper floor.





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