November 27, 2015 Chicago USA Americas

Goddess and The Baker: Coffee and More
Morning Delights Coffee Talk

Phone Number: +1 312 877.5176

Address: 33 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603 USA


Price Range: 5-20 $

That's my kind of spirit, my kind of vibes, my kind of cafe. A big cube oozing positive vibes in a beautifully decorated space selling specialty drinks, coffee and cakes. 

You can't but order at least two pieces of cake when you see them so beautifully displayed next to the counter. An open counter, like Starbucks, with the coffee display behind and the cakes set on an open table with no reflections and ready to be shot. The main wall is covered with bottles, cookies and coffee bags and the right one features a large neon light that adds strength to the place.

One long table is where everyone sits to share a coffee. Two sofas next to the glass facade and three other tables under the wall. In the center is a bar, a long one with couple of high stools. I loved this place! It's so inspiring. 



  • I had the Goodie's Gringo Horchata specialty drink served in a jar. Ice, espresso, rice milk and cinnamon. A light bodied drink that's not sweet, but full of flavor. Refreshing, with a boost.
  • Honey flower latte contains milk and sugar that's it's lighter and sweeter. Not my kind of drink, but apparently it's quite popular.



  • The rainbow cake is amazing. Colored layers of sponge cake that are tender and fluffy, but the cream is what makes all the difference, adding taste and flavor. Sugar crisps, sweet, firm consistency... That's a good cake and surely great for an Instagram beauty pageant. 
  • The carrot cake is my kind of cake and I loved it: Crunchy walnuts, the taste of carrots, juicy sponge cake, spiciness and cream, lots of it. I love the colors and textures of this cake as well as the taste.
  • The vegan chocolate muffin is not worth it.


The place is so cool. If I need a coffee, I'll surely choose it over Dunkin or Starbucks.





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