June 12, 2018 New York USA Americas

Gramercy Park Hotel; Your Unconventional Stay in New York
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +1 212-777-2410

Address: Gramercy Park Hotel, 2 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010 ( 07:30AM - 10:30)

Website: http://www.maialinonyc.com

Price Range: 45-65 $

Different from other hotels in New York for its special architecture, dark lighting, and unique calm location, The Gramercy Park Hotel was on my bucket list since I had my first breakfast at Maialino last year - the hotel’s famous restaurant. Arriving at 9 pm, I was welcomed into a dark lobby decorated with touches of red reminding me of the 14th-century castles. 


Up, on the 12th is where excitement continued: the room has a wide king-size bed, a loaded minibar and a dining table surrounded by design chairs from the French monarchy times. Red curtains, a thick and fluffy carpet, design chandeliers, lights, paintings and a big bathroom.

The Gramercy Park Hotel is filled with Julian Schnabel’s stunning, hand-crafted furnishings and rare, imported items from far-away markets. From the lobby’s hand-tufted, garnet-and-gold Aubusson rug and the looming saw-tooth chandelier in the Rose Bar to each room’s custom-cut crystal glasses and bronze-studded velvet headboards every detail creates a story – one that is grand, yet intimate.


With over 4,400 light bulbs this unique art installation is sure to leave guests starstruck. Masterpieces not only hang the walls of the Gramercy Park Hotel, but also from its soaring ceilings. The drama of the Drawing Room’s luminary work of art, conceived by Julian Schnabel, and created by Brooklyn artists Annika Newell and Tom Schultz, is a must-see located on the hotel’s top floor.


Details make the difference around here:

  • Room. Numbers are printed on the corridor’s floor.
  • Attach a sign to the door to keep people away, not a printed paper.
  • The Internet is free or pay for a quicker service.
  • The dining table is not something you usually see in hotel rooms.
  • The bathroom has all the needed amenities.
  • The Air Conditioning unit is balanced for a pleasant night sleep. 
  • The Marshall speakers brand designed a special edition especially for The Gramercy, available in all rooms.


At sunrise, the mood is different; more lights are added yet the hotel remains bizarre, calm and specially decorated, standing out from your conventional hotel experience. 

Breakfast is served as of 7 am at Maialino, where New York’s best pancakes are prepared.

Check out a load of photos and plan your next visit; I enjoyed it here!





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