May 05, 2017 Washington DC USA Americas

Greenberry's Coffee Company Washington
Morning Delights

Greenberry's Coffee Company is a cafe like any other upscale coffee shop... An open counter and a display fridge with wooden elements decorating it. It has good American coffee and some pretty good food choices. I ordered a spinach and cheese croissant, a scone and a chocolate croissant.


In the heart of Washington, facing "Founding Farmers" where I was supposed to have breakfast, I spotted a coffee shop. I walked in and enjoyed the morning vibes... light music playing in the background, dimmed lights and some people enjoying their morning drink. 

I felt that time just stopped... soothing music from all around the world, sipping my coffee with a smile on my face. The place looks authentic and homey, although it's part of a chain. 


Spinach and cheese croissant was new to me. I never had a croissant that actually looks like a bread wrap filled with molten cheese and hot spinach. I loved the quality of the bread and taste of its filling. I then enjoyed a chocolate one which also was unique. It looks different from the conventional thing we know and filled with a big layer of dark chocolate... Big! 

The Lumpy scone was my favorite. It was wow - the rich and intense taste of cinnamon, a firm crust and a very soft and moist cake heart. I've rarely enjoyed a scone that much. Some are crunchy, some are tasteless some feel like a biscuit but this one is really good.

Waiting to have breakfast at the place on the other side of the road I ended up discovering a place that serves unique croissants and delicious scones.

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