February 10, 2016 Milan Italy Europe

Gucci: The Coffee Shop in Milano


Welcoming: 3/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 5.5/10

Menu Choice: 3/5

Food Taste: 18/30

Architecture / Interior: 6/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: 5/10

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Facing the Gucci shop, under the Galleria Vittorio Emanuel, is a cafe. Yes remember Gucci has joined the series of luxury brands to open a restaurant/coffee shop. You'll find couples tables, a classy menu and a selection of chocolate truffles, tarts and three story quiches, as well as the complete choice of coffees and drinks.


Gucci's cafe is more of a place to enjoy some drinks than a real lunch. Their menu is made up of coffees, hot chocolate, tea, cold and non-alcoholic drinks, syrup based mixes, fruit juices and nectars, sweet and savory confectionery, fresh fruit tartlets, alcoholic beverages and wines. 

One waiter takes care of the orders. He helped us, suggesting that we take the trio chocolate tart which is better than the normal chocolate tart.

We had cappuccino, espresso, chocolate truffles and the tart while enjoying the vibes of this historical place. Covered with marble and mosaics, decorated with carved stones and hosting the world's best brands, the galleria is an important stop for tourists in Milan.

The plates are beautifully decorated with the Gucci logo, the menu is made from Gucci's leather, but the food is nothing to write home about.


They serve good quality coffee, but the Cappuccino is only served warm, the chocolate tart is fine, but there is nothing super exceptional about it, it lacks crunchiness and body with a faded after note, and the trio cake is not my thing because of its creaminess; two layers of mousse and a chocolate cake.

The food is not bad at all, but not super exceptional, nothing that justifies the prices and the Gucci logo. I expected more from a luxurious brand like Gucci.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 20123 Milano, Italy





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