December 15, 2017

Help Beyond Christmas: Feed More than 150 Families!

The Mūneh program is designed to feed 150 Lebanese families by providing them with the basic nutritional needs through Muneh boxes.

Each Mūneh box costs 30$, and it includes an assortment of dry foods. Our target is to collect funds during Christmas to equip 150 Lebanese families for Winter.

Lebanese Food Bank_1

The Lebanese Food Bank was established by a group of Lebanese businessmen to eliminate hunger permanently in Lebanon by generating partnerships and cooperation with credible and potential partners in all sectors. LFB mission is “Lebanon, free from hunger by 2020″. It aims to serve and support all needy Lebanese families in all regions of Lebanon. We feed the needy who are unable to work such as the elderly, disabled, chronically ill, widows, needy mothers with children, and orphans.

Lebanese Food Bank is a non-profit organization managed professionally to be able to respond to the food insecurity problem in Lebanon, by assuring:

  • Creation of different programs: feeding, development, awareness.
  • Financial contribution from donors and sponsors
  • Excess Food collection from hotels, restaurants, catering companies and food factories
  • Volunteer’s support
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