May 20, 2013

How Many Cheese Burgers Can You Eat in 5 Minutes?

This year, during the Beirut Corporate Games, which took place at Jamhour on the 18th and 19th of May a new kind of competition took place. For me to mention it here, it obviously involves food. Classic Burger Joint held a competition, where by who eats the most burgers in 5 minutes, wins a $100 voucher. 


Patrick Rizkallah, Maroun Nemr, Rateb Medlej, Moustafa Daouk, Bashir El Kik, Hagop Mourad and Rami Farha all competed against each other for the title.

  • Name: Patrick Rizkallah
  • Company: Debbas


  • Name: Maroun Nemr
  • Company: Bank Audi


  • Name: Rateb Medlej
  • Company: Classic Burger Joint (Ministry of Food)


  • Name: Moustafa Daouk
  • Company: RGH (Resource Group Holding)


  • Name: Bashir El Kik
  • Company: AUST (American University of Science and Technology)


  • Name: Hagop Mrad
  • Company: BOB (Bank of Beirut)


  • Name: Rami Farha
  • Company: Murex

The contestants met at 03:30pm, where 6 burgers for each were waiting to be devoured. S
tomachs were roaring and the atmosphere was tense... The Classic Cheese Burger:

  • Charcoal grilled 130g patty
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Pickles
  • Classic deli sauce
  • Double cheddar cheese


3-2-1 GO! and with a quick grab at the burger, the 7 contestants starts, each representing their company, ran towards the finish line. Will they finish all the burgers in front of them?  Three of the contestants, Patrick, Rateb and Hagop were way ahead of the others. It's like they were swallowing without chewing! It was an impressive show to watch. One of the contestants representing MUREX, Rami Farha was today's special participant. He came all prepared with a sign that says "You never rush a CBJ burger, you savor it". Grabbing his knife and fork, and placing a napkin to protect his, he enjoyed lunch calmly... Amazing and funny idea, I would definitely offer him a voucher for this gesture...


Bizarrely, the Classic Burger Joint representative, Rateb who already had two burgers for lunch two hours earlier, won the competition with 4, 1/2 burgers on record in 5 minutes. The closest, was Hagop, with 3 burgers. Do they eat burgers each and every single day at the Ministry of Food?


Here is a record if you plan on breaking it. Beirut Corporate Games:

The BCG is the biggest corporate sports event in the Middle East, and it has been the case for the past 6 years; In 2013, more than 44 games has been proposed and new games have been introduced. The success of BCG lays in the fact that it creates the right environment where for 2 days, employees and executives, local and international companies, get together and compete outside the corporate world, in an indescribable atmosphere with fair play, fun and team spirit. It's probably also the time where the employees feel the most connected to their company, competing to get a medal and have their company name on the podium.

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