February 18, 2013

How To Use NoGarlicNoOnions 1.0: Understanding the Concept

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About NoGarlicNoOnions: (An Exciting Culinary Journey Around the World: Restaurants, Hotels and Travel Reviews from the four corners of the globe)


NGNO is a travel and food website. What started, as a fun blog became a professional platform for restaurants and hotel owners and managers around the world. NGNO gives readers a true and professional opinion covering new restaurants, hotel… as well as revisiting old ones, both locally and internationally. Rating each place is essential, and I delicately follow a rating system covering several criteria – from the minute you walk in to the last you leave. The site has fast become a reference, allowing people to connect, read as well as express their thoughts and experiences in the culinary and hospitality world with others. The site receives over 2000 page views a day. To date (1st of January 2013), more than 400 restaurants have been reviewed in less than a year and 65 hotels have been tried and tested. NGNO is divided into 5 different sections, 5 different colors, covering all food related reviews and news, and travel related stories, gadgetsrecipes and more.


Restaurants & Hotels Reviews:


Here’s where all my reviews land – could be about something I tried, a restaurant I visited any where in the world, hotels I have tried and reviewed, an airport lounge I have toured, an airline I have travelled on and so on… Here is where ratings take place.


The Rating System at NGNO: First and foremost, I don't accept invitations and I always review with pure honesty even if the owner is a friend. The reviews are detailed covering every single detail from the welcoming to the good bye and everything in between like the staff’s experience, friendliness, the interior, and the ventilation system of the restaurant… The food of course gets a rating over a 20. The rest over 10 – all adding up to 100. Ratings are divided into nine distinct sections covering all aspects of a place: Welcoming, Menu choices, Food presentation, Food temperature, Food taste, Service, Ambiance/Music, Architecture/Interior and Air quality.

Anthony's Rating

A place could have great food, but the ambiance and interior is bad… This will affect the overall rating.  Or maybe the interior and food is amazing, but the service was unacceptable to the extent I didn’t enjoy the experience; the rating will also reflect that the food received a high grade but the set up of the place and service was disastrous; hence the low rate. Check all the restaurants and hotels I've rated:

0 – 9 points Avoid!
10 – 19 points Terrible!
20 – 29 points Bad!
30 – 39 points Mediocre!
40 – 49 points Okay!
50 – 59 points Decent!
60 – 69 points Good!
70 – 79 points Great!
80 – 89 points Impeccable!
90 – 95 points Amazing!
96–100 points Untouchable!




This section was created to give friends and of course others the chance to also express what they have experienced. NGNO creates a platform that will include places never been visited before from different countries I may have not visited yet… So everyone has a say in NGNO.


How it works:  Send us your personal reviews about any restaurant or hotel from anywhere in the world, along with a couple of high-resolution images to [email protected] We will be happy to share it with others.


Street Food


This section is simple.


Tasty Discoveries





Travelling has been one of my favorite hobbies. Discovering new cities, trying new hotels and new restaurants is very rewarding. In this section, I review places I have been to but also put the spotlight on new hotels and restaurants that are interesting design wise and must share with my readers. The world is moving fast, new designs and technologies are being released daily. The kitchen is no stranger to the latest in design and technologies. At NGNO, I scout the market and highlight new items that are new, innovative and fun to share.


Your Rating, The readers rating: NGNO cares about what you think of a place. At the bottom of every review you can rate the venue or establishment, according to your opinion or feel about the place. Ten stars are placed one next to the other below the reviews. You can choose to rate the place over 10. Click on the number you see fit. You get to rate a place once. This rating is for the establishment reviewed and not the review itself.



Important Categories:


Recommended NGNO


Comments and Feedback We would like to hear from you. Your opinion matters to us. Please leave a comment at the end of every post. Every comment is reviewed and then put online. We refrain from posting any comments that are politically incorrect in any way. If you are a restaurant, hotel or anyone interested in sharing his/her thoughts, ideas and recommendations please send us a FEEDBACK.  Click on the FEEDBACK button available under ABOUT ME. Let us know what you’re thinking.


Establishment Address and Contacts Every review has contact details. Click on MORE ABOUT and you will find more details about the place reviewed.

More About


NGNO and Social Media At the bottom of each article posted on NGNO there are a series of social media mediums including Facebook, Twitter…  Like and share our posts with your friends. Follow us on: Instagram:    www.instagram.com/NoGarlicNoOnions Facebook:      www.facebook.com/NoGarlicNoOnions Twitter:          www.twitter.com/NoGarlicNoOnion


Enjoy NoGarlicNoOnions

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How To Use NoGarlicNoOnions 1.0: Understanding the Concept


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