May 25, 2021


Over the past years, us, Lebanese, have faced many devastating tragedies. Events, such as the Beirut explosion and the pandemic, have put our country into a disastrous state.

These circumstances have led to a severe economic crisis, trapping 50% of the population into poverty and putting thousands of children on the verge of starvation.

Yet, through major corruption, repression, neglect, isolation, we still stand. And together, we can make a difference.

Hummus, a culinary Lebanese emblem, used to travel from Lebanon to the world…

But today, we are gathering Hummus from the world… back to Lebanon, under the initiative #HummusForLebanon; a collaboration between NoGarlicNoOnions and Al Wadi Al Akhdar that aims to help Lebanese children fill their tummies. 

With each Al Wadi HummusForLebanon kit purchased, a can will be donated to a Lebanese child through SOS, Himaya, Oumniati, and Ayadina; four reliable NGOs that are active all-around Lebanon. 

To raise awareness about this initiative, and make a bigger impact, people will be encouraged to join the longest virtual chain of hummus.

How to join the #HummusForLebanon chain?

1-   Buy a HummusForLebanon kit online, either on Lebzone or MadeinLebanon. 2- Take a picture of your hummus plate, and mention your current location

3- DM us the picture to @alwadialakhdar

The pictures shared will get featured in the “HummusForLebanon” highlight on Al Wadi’s Instagram page.

To further encourage people to take part in this initiative, activation will be launched enticing them to participate. 4 people,around the globe, will win a box from Lebanon, containing authentic Lebanese goods such as Zaatar, Saboun Baladeh..., made from local producers and farmers, alongside a couple of Al Wadi’s products. 

Additionally, people can keep track of all the donated cans through a microsite, updated each hour. On the website, one can also scroll through to read more about this initiative, check the steps to participate, and purchase the kit, if they have not yet.

Together, let us break this chain of events and create one of our own.

Let us  create a chain that brings back hope to our little future leaders!


Al Wadi Al Akhdar

In a world where authenticity, tradition, and heritage are writing the innovation rulebook, we believe the Lebanese culture of rich, flavorsome, and healthy dishes will unite all food enthusiasts around the world. We are for Lebanon. For our flavors. For our people. For our spirit. We are for Leadership. For Humbleness. For Trustworthiness. For Best Quality. We believe that food tastes best when shared with family and friends. We assure you that a Lebanese host will always encourage you to eat a little more. We are all about legumes, fit for every meat & vegetarian lover. We believe that our flavors & spices make Lebanon unique. We believe that our history, archaeology & sceneries speak for themselves. We believe that the fusion of our legacy & values will spread the Lebanese culture across the globe the way it should be. 


NoGarlicNoOnions with its food blog (15,000 articles to date), Youtube channel (265,000 subscribers & 3,000 videos published), Instagram account (250,000 followers & 35,000 photos published), google maps (1 billion views & 170,000 contributions), Facebook page (111,000 followers), TikTok account (210,000 followers) aims to spread happiness and share joy while documenting the richness of our heritage, roots and culture on the net.

With every day that goes by and every discovery made and every new venture developed, the aim is one. My aim is to keep people connected to each other and to their roots, to make everyone enjoy, smile when they taste something good and unique, to discover the endless food artisans available across the world... creating a positive and rich environment that allows us all to embrace what we have and embrace life.


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