September 11, 2017

It's Not About Who Follows You... It's About Who's Around You!

Happy to share with you the future of social media, "Now Me" a social networking application created, developed and designed by a Lebanese team.

Now Me is a simple, secure and free way to meet people in the same 752m radius.

The application makes it easier to interact simultaneously with multiple people in the same location, and capture moments from different angles, all on a secure one- on-one platform. If you’re more serious, Now Me helps you connect, engage and interact with your audience in the same location on a private secure channel without interruptions or distractions. It allows you to continue a face-to-face discussion online.

Application Features:

  • Choose your online identity with an instant picture or video

  • Connect with people within a 752m radius (an extensive research reveals that it's the best radius to encourage face-to face connection)

  • Have a secure chat with people who share your interests.

  • Bring your chat to life with text and emojis.

  • Prompts you to act and react quickly. Your conversations disappear after 3 hours or after you change identity.

  • No need to share your phone number, and you can use wifi or data.

Are you ready to discover the future of private social networking? Download NowMe for Free Now!

For IOS users

For Android users

NowMe App

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