December 21, 2014

I've Chosen my Foie Gras for this Festive Season

I’ve been to prune four times already… I’ve ordered the foie gras four times already… and allow me to tell you that this one is my favorite around.


The foie gras, what else... I really loved the foie gras the first time I came here, so much so that I ordered a 1kg portion for New Year's Eve and Christmas last year. I've already did so for next week's dinners.

For you to share the experience with me, I’ve asked Prune to sell this foie gras for take away; You can now buy your 1kg portion for $90 TTC.


Ingredients: A foie gras chunk with 30% of duck foie gras pieces, salt, pepper and Armagnac.

A pure foie gras, full of flavors, no aftertaste and no lingering smell. Serve it with a chutney and enjoy. This foie gras, imported directly from France, is not to be missed. A rich, fresh and tasty flavor that you will enjoy so much due to its finesse.

Take a piece of bread, add a chunk of foie gras, some chutney, a hint of salt, and plunge into a world of wonders.

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