October 22, 2015

Just the Right Amount of Soya...

AromaSwan, designed by Zhang Kedi, Mu Yu in Hong Kong, is a culinary container created for accuracy and enjoyment when using liquid seasoning. The volume markings on the neck of the container indicates how much liquid will be pressed out; the user can set the exact amount of liquid they want by rotating the bottleneck before pressing.


Prior to pressing out the seasoning, the user can set the exact amount of vinegar, soy sauce or olive oil they want by rotating the bottleneck. Only one hand is needed to complete the whole process. 


For example, when 23 millilitres of liquid is needed, rotate the lower metal ring of the bottleneck with the thumb, align the marker to the 10-millilitre marking on the lower rim of nozzle and press the nozzle twice; then, rotate the bottleneck again to align with the 3-millilitre marking and press once.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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