April 15, 2013

Keep Time with Zoom Lens

Say goodbye to burned cookies with the f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer. Resembling a typical kit zoom lens, this nifty contraption can keep time for up to 60 minutes. Operation is easy. Simply twist on the knurled "zoom ring" of the lens and the ring of a bell will alert you when the countdown is complete. The device is fully mechanical and does not require batteries to run.


Created by Gama-Go, this pretend camera-bag staple features an hour of tiny increments along its focusing ring, which twists with a flick of the wrist. Set it by the stove in the kitchen or the print dryer in your studio to ensure that every gingersnap glamor shot is perfectly sweet!


This quirky kitchen aid could make a great gift for shutterbugs who are avid bakers or a great addition to your collection of camera-related memorabilia.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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