March 23, 2016

Krimston: A Lebanese Hardware Startup

The TWO is the world's first smart dual SIM case for the iPhone.

We love our iPhone; we need our iPhone and we travel a lot. The result? High roaming fees. The worse of which was when one of us had to pay USD2,000 for five days in the US because data roaming was ON. Pretty ridiculous as it was almost the cost of the trip. Back at home, we use two SIMs: one for personal use, and one for work. Refusing to switch to a Dual Sim Android phone, our way around it for the past years was to carry two phones, which can turn into quite a burden, remembering to take them both and have them charged. That’s when it hit us.


What if we could extend our own phone’s capabilities to meet our needs? What if our own iPhone could do more? The result was the Krimston TWO. A marriage between a beautifully designed phone case and an application, which has:

  • Two simultaneous GSM lines
  • Synced contacts for both SIMS
  • Hotspot to keep you connected (using the 3G of the SIM in our cover)
  • And extra battery life, for when your phone is dying…

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