July 14, 2021

La campagne en Ville - Farmers and Small Producers Market

Nature by Marc Beyrouthy is a well-known brand in Lebanon dedicated to serving local and rural communities, supporting women and local farmers market their products, and enabling these farmers and producers to reach a wider consumer audience.

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Nature by Marc Beyrouthy proudly invites you to its upcoming event - “La campagne en Ville” or the Farmers and Producers Market. We have teamed up with NoGarlicNoOnions and Rural Delights “Atayib El Rif” in a revival of the farmers market, which will take the form of a bi-weekly fair hosted by Nature by Marc Beyrouthy to be held on Sundays from 8am to 4pm.  

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, weekly farmers' markets were held in close cooperation with Atayeb El Rif Cooperatives, a well-known name operating as a hub for over 40 women-operated cooperatives across Lebanon. The market played an important role in helping farmers and women producers promote their local rural products, better sustain their livelihoods and empowering them to increase their consumer reach and build up their brands. The markets brought together the producers with the consumers in a setting that established trust and importantly, showcased the best of Lebanese farmers and producers goods.

We are excited to be reviving this important event. La Campagne en Ville is our contribution to Lebanon’s greatest terroir. It’s our way of supporting these heroes and enabling them to connect with consumers. We invite you all, young and old, to join us at La campagne en Ville and be there for the heroes, meet the creators, and come and stand beside fellow Lebanese who are pushing on to make it through these tough times.  

There will be a huge line-up of activities on the day for both young and old. There will be live cooking stations where visitors will be able to taste traditional food from all four corners of Lebanon made and prepared with love by Lebanese women. The Rif Truck will serve food and drink freshly prepared by women from the villages from Rural Delights "Atayeb Al Rif" Cooperative - تعاونية أطايب الريف 

Also available will be handmade artisanal products made locally by Lebanese artisans, in addition to organic veggies and special activities for kids. 

We will be showcasing a range of pretty plants for your gardens on the day – a wide range of seasonal and perennial flowers, flowering and herbal plants, as well as gardening tools. This will be in addition to the availability of expert advice from Nature by Marc Beyrouthy’s enthusiastic team who will be ready to answer all your plant care inquiries.

Venue: Nature, Zouk, Seaside Road, Next to Brands for Less

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