September 03, 2018


Authentic, artisanal and unique Michelin Guide-listed concept makes its international debut with a flagship venue in the Dubai Mall

L’Artisan du Burger, the quality Parisian restaurant with a focus on the creation of hand-crafted burgers using fresh, natural ingredients, is delighted to announce its opening in the Dubai Mall. This launch represents the first international outlet from this acclaimed French restaurant brand, that originated from Paris in 2015, and quickly opened seven successive stores throughout France. L’Artisan du Burger is proud to be one of the first burger restaurants to be featured on the exclusive Michelin Guide in France.

L’Artisan du Burger offers a selection of signature burgers, each of which has been created by a panel of award-wining chefs, who have taken classic recipes and enhanced them for the delight of discerning consumers, committed to taste and wellbeing. These two qualities in this much-loved staple are often compromised for the sake of convenience and value, but the brand is focused on satisfying customers that demand only the best, building a loyal following of connoisseurs and enthusiasts in the process. 

L’Artisan du Burger offers a unique and highly creative approach to menu design. To ensure optimum gourmet appeal, its founder, Emmanuel Fernandez, identified four acclaimed culinary leaders, who he bought on board to design his perfect burger offering; Eric Robert, the winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 200, Michael Greenwold, winner of the 2012 Le Fooding International Prize, Joy Astrid Point, 2016 Top Chef candidate, and Kelly Rangama, 2017 Top Chef candidate. As a result, diners will discover an array of inspiring creations including the Ephemeral Collection (La Collection Ephemere), a collection of four exclusive burgers that rotate every three months to bring a seasonal touch to the menu. The signature burger collection is a fine example of the culinary excellence that the brand demands, with each offering considered a masterpiece, an authentic work of art, featuring the Ice Aux Cignes burger; a seared tuna and tzatziki patty served on a black squid ink and Nigella seed bun, or the Place Vendome grilled duck and foie gras burger. 


In its uncompromising quest for quality, L’Artisan du Burger uses ethically raised beef, poultry and seafood, matched with fine cheeses and entirely top-grade ingredients to deliver excellence with each and every bite. Buns are freshly baked using a bespoke dough blend that is imported from Paris, created especially by the award-winning Graines de Createurs. L’Artisan du Burger’s fries are also a treat for the taste-buds; fresh and crusty, obtained from Picardy potatoes grown under the ‘Terroir de Picardie’ label, that champions local, sustainable agriculture. And desserts are no afterthought, developed by Jerome Devreese, to bring an authentic, light and natural end to a meal. As a result, the brand is proud to be a pioneer in the quick service industry and was delighted when it was recognized in this mission by the influential Michelin Guide.

L’Artisan du Burger’s outlet in the Dubai Mall is located opposite the ice rink, to attract an array of nationalities and guests of all ages. Visit the latest addition to Dubai’s global dining scene and immerse the senses in authenticity, gourmet flavor and uplifting dining memories.

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