February 20, 2014

Lebanese Food Bank: Together Against Hunger... You Can Help

Lebanese Food Bank
  •  A non-profit organization (# 1596) established by a group of Lebanese businessmen to eliminate hunger in Lebanon through partnerships and cooperation with credible & potential partners in all sectors (public & private).


  • Lebanon, free from hunger by 2020.
  •  To fight & overcome hunger by developing effective Feeding programs in parallel with Development & Awareness programs to eliminate hunger.
  • Feed the needy unable to work: eldrely people, disabled, person with chronic diseases, single mothers, orphans.
  • Develop the needy able to work to become active members in society.
We believe that every person have a fundamental right to have its basic food for life, regardless of political or religious belief.
Principles:  The LFB activities are to be run in the utmost:
  • Professional manner
  • Ethical behavior & respect of Human Rights
  • Transparency & liability towards our stakeholders
  • Hygienic approach
What we do?
Let’s translate our good intentions into good actions…
The Lebanese Food Bank programs have four major points to deal on the short and the long terms: Feeding, Development, Awareness and Volunteering. Each program is designed for different kind of partners to allow us to help the needy, in the best possible way. Feeding programs: We distribute dry food parcels through NGOs all over Lebanon. The basic nutritional needs included in the dry food parcels are: Rice-Sugar-Pasta-Beans-Bourghol-Lentils-Hommous-Salt-Tea-Tomato Paste-Cooking Oil-Halawa (ingredients could be changed depending on availability of items).
  • "M?neh” (dry food) is planned for individuals or small and medium companies who want to help in the monthly feeding of a family or a number families for 12 months or more.
  • "Hunger-free Village/District” (dry food) is planned to be sponsored by multinational or local companies to help feeding a whole district or village by distributing dry food boxes with the aid of volunteers from schools and universities.
1779112_410626892407936_1411297708_n Development programs: "Bab El Rizkah”
  • On the long term, we plan and try to turn the needy into an active and productive element in society through:
  • Rehabilitation  -  Education &Training  -  Job placement assistance  -  Credit for micro & small projects
Awareness Program: "Not To Waste Food”
  • The Awareness campaign is for hotels, restaurants, catering companies, food producer, as well as for individuals in order not to waste the excess food. Instead, we collected in refrigerated trucks and distributed to orphanage, nursing home and NGO in the most hygienic way.
  • We organize awareness and media campaign to reach the maximum number of persons who will act with us to fight hunger.
Volunteering: "LFB Generation” includes organizational (CSR) and individual volunteering. Volunteer opportunities which will cover a very wide range of services based on specialized skills and talents. How can you assist!
  • By donating dry food, canned food or cooked meals.
  • By making a donation to support our development:
Beneficiary: Lebanese Food Bank
  • Account: 1684307
  • Iban: LB88 0014 0000 1901 3001 6843 0710 - LBP
  • Iban: LB47 0014 0000 1902 3001 6843 0719 - USD
  • Swift code: blomlbbx
  • Paying bank: Blom Bank
  • Branch name: Tarik Jdideh Br.

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