July 18, 2012

Lebanon’s Restaurants Hubs 108: Dbayeh

Dbayeh is booming and emerging as a new restaurants hub. The area has seen dozens of restaurants open since the start of the year. The number of new eateries is rising weekly as an expansion to the Antelias area. Dbayeh hosts a variety of restaurant concepts, from casual diners to high-end bistros, among these: Babel, Zahr El Laymoun, Living Colors, Crepaway, Chopsticks, Fuddruckers, Mandaloun café, LVD, Food Village, and Duo.



Applebee's casual dinning concept suitable for families and groups anytime of the day. Applebee's serve traditional American food, burgers, sandwiches, seafood, steaks and Tex Mex.

Applebee's, Dbayeh, +961-4-541222




Fuddruckers originated in San Antonio, Texas USA. In 1980, with one mission to serve the “World’s Greatest Hamburger” Fuddruckers quickly became famous for serving only the freshest ground beef that is prepared daily, and baking the hamburger buns twice daily to ensure the freshest quality. The garden fresh Hamburger Topping Bar and choices of cheeses and sauces allowed each and every guest to customize and build their own favorite hamburger. For the past 30 years Fuddruckers has proudly been the “Home of the World’s Greatest Hamburger.” Fuddruckers is a great place for friends and family to take a break from the routine, kick back and enjoy great quality food in an energetic and fun atmosphere. There are more than 200 Fuddruckers casual dining restaurants all offering the same great quality food and holding true to its founding values that there are no shortcuts to perfection.

Fuddruckers, Dbayeh, +961-4-520720



Italian restaurant in Dbayeh welcomes you. A good spot in the area for pizza and other Italian food. Ideal for lunch, dinner, romantic date and weekend family gathering.

Il Vegneto, Dbayeh, +961-4-412612



A place where 50 kinds of beers exists and that is Shtrumpf. Serving a variety of food types,  from the grill, Italian, sandwiches, salads and more, Shtrumph caters to all tastes. They also deliver special events such as Beer Festivals, cheese and wine nights, Go Green program and coverage of all major sports events that caters to all tastes.

Shtrumpf, Dbayeh, +961-4-411711/2


CHOPSTICKS, Fresh Chinese Cuisine:

Fresh Chinese Cuisine is the slogan at Chopsticks. Appetizers & Dim Sum, Soups, Salads, Noodles and Rice and a huge variety of Chinese sizzling dishes are available on their menu.

Chopsticks, Dbayeh, +961-4-416137

LVD, Latest Version Diner, Burgers & Steaks:

LVD serves sensational High Quality Steak Burgers and Premium Steaks that will transport your taste buds to another world! LVD, the Latest Version Diner restaurant to hit town, takes the concept of a hearty American diner and cooks up a unique twist by serving sensational high quality steak burgers and premium steaks in a casual setting that will transport your taste buds to another world. And the secret's all in the fresh never frozen, premium Black Angus and Wagyu beef and all the other high quality imported ingredients.

LVD, Dbayeh, +961-4-403803


FIESTA, Mexican Grill:

La Fiesta Mexican Grill is a Mexican food restaurant located in Dbayeh. The place offers a variety of Mexican dishes, including burritos, tacos, fajitas, nachos, enchiladas and quesadillas. In adition to salads and desserts.

La Fiesta Mexican Grill, Dbayeh, +961-70-429248


OPIUM, Asian Cuisine:

Opium serves fine Asian dishes including Chinese, Thai and Japanese prepared by Asian chefs using special and fresh imported ingredients.

Opium, Dbayeh, +961-4-444118



al Mandaloun Café is a café, a restaurant, a patisserie, a bakery, and a boutique, all at once. In addition to the impressive selection of Sandwiches, Croques, Pizzas, and Quiches, the Café has tasty specials every day, concocted by our international Chefs. Early mornings, the Salad Bar turns into a Breakfast Bar, making al Mandaloun Café the perfect destination to enjoy a morning coffee, a lunch with friends, an afternoon tea, or a sumptuous dinner.

al Mandaloun, Dbayeh, +961-4-545411/22



Babel is a place you go when looking for that something special. Local dishes are served the Babel's way - in terms of ingredients added or presentation. Set in a Babylonian castle, Babel makes every bite a royal trip.

Babel, Dbayeh, +961-4-542842



Blueberry Square, a food district located in Dbayeh Marina, is set to open soon including a cluster of today’s finest restaurants. The new area will have seven restaurants, including Leil Nhar, Al Balad, Let’s Burger, Margherita, Couqley a Korean restaurant and a Sushi restaurant to be announced soon.


ZAHR EL LAYMOUN, Oriental Grill Kitchen & Cafe: 

Lebanese food served light. Kebbeh comes grilled, bread is brown, potatoes are baked and vegetables and roasted... Enjoy Lebanese cuisine without the after bloat. The setting is beautifully decorated with indoor and outdoor seating - decorated with colorful items.

Zahr El Laymoun, Dbayeh, +961-4542541



Kasr Assoufara features an array of tasteful breakfast, lunch and dinner specials daily. The focal points of the dining room are a fountain imported from the Lebanese art drawing inspiration from all the provinces, Kasr Assoufara has created a fine dining experience, which combines our culinary heritage and fresh ingredients.

Kasr Assoufra, Dbayeh, +961-4-544344/5


BSAT EL RIH, Restaurant:

Bsat El Rih serves Lebanese food with live music.

Bsat El Rih, Dbayeh, +961-4544344


AUNTY ROSA, Cafe Restaurant:

Casual restaurant in the heart of Dbayeh, Aunty Rosa is one of the oldest venues in the area serving Lebanese food, the home cooked way.

Aunty Rosa, Dbayeh, +961-4-544122



Succaria, a fresh restaurant cafe. Located on the back road on your way to the Dbayeh highway. Owned by MET sarl, Succaria Its food range varies from New York Style Sandwiches with a twist, Italian Pizzas and an exquisite mixture of platters. The menu also includes a wide range of appetizers and the sweetest desserts a restaurant could offer. With its large indoor and outdoor space accommodating around 500 people, Succaria is “the” place for all Shisha lovers. With its high ceilings and the large vented space, the non smoking crowd will not be bothered by the tasty ajami & moassal fragrances.

Succaria, Dbayeh, +961-4-444 608

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