November 26, 2016 California USA Americas

Lemonade: Your Stop at LAX Terminal 5
Non-smokers friendly
Quick Eats

Lemonade is a catchy restaurant at LAX airport in Los Angeles. Hidden behind its sign in Terminal 5, Lemonade serves salads, sandwiches, drinks and desserts. White with lines of green and yellow, this is a fresh place where details are carefully considered. There are colorful trays, clean salad bowls, sandwiches prepared to make your mouth water, and a selection of drinks including lemonades.


Grab a tray and ask for what you want as you walk along the food display. One salad or up to five on one plate. A spoon of each prepared by a member of staff behind the counter. Move through the line and reach the hot section, choose any of the many choices like brisket and macaroni...

Good food for an airport cafe: macaroni with white truffle cheese served in a carton cup, tender brisket meat in a sweet peppered tomato sauce and the plate of salad. Fresh broccoli, mini potatoes with salmon, pasta and pesto, quinoa with cauliflower and the avocado with cherry tomatoes. 


Now for the place, a rectangular space hidden behind a big lemonade sign. A long green leather bench, grey chairs and white tables facing a long counter. I loved the signs, the photos and signboards, the colorful trays and the dedication put into the details of this eatery.

I enjoyed my beer, my sparkling water and food, including a double chocolate muffin. A pleasant stop before boarding at LAX.

Lemonade is an eatery that is all about freshness, something new concepts should learn from.

Suitable For: Quick Eats





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