August 13, 2013

Let the Robbot Get Your Coffee!

Order your perfect cup of coffee right from your phone! Briggo will notify you via text message when your drink is ready for pick up. Now that’s handy! article-2385267-1B2AB258000005DC-90_634x470 The “intelligent” Coffee Haus is fully automated kiosk that allows customers to place pre-orders via smartphone and receive a text when their caffeinated drinks are ready, “eliminating the long waits and variability typical of standard coffee shops,” according to a Briggo release. The company’s robotics will grind and brew each drink to order, using direct-trade beans, fresh milk and “gourmet” syrups. “Our Coffee Haus creates artisan coffee drinks 24/7 with a level of accuracy never before seen in the coffee world,” Kevin Nater, Briggo’s chief executive officer, said in a press release. article-2385267-1B2AB244000005DC-829_634x481 Reported in the Washington Post, Briggo sees its UT operation as a template for many such robotic coffee shops in airports, hospitals, college campuses and the like. Translation: You may never again have to wait on a tat-stamped barista who’s sneering at you for ordering a double mocha latte with extra whip.
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