December 04, 2013

Luxury in its Most Beautiful Form: Simplicity

I was offered the latest Minta Touch from GROHE just before The Beirut Cooking Festival, where members of media were also given the chance to compete for one, in the presence of Chef Youssef Akiki. This innovative faucet is technologically advanced, useful and easy to use... This drove me to buy another one to have installed at my clinic.

Minta Touch 2

The idea is simple: A faucet that stays clean. The main difference between the Minta Touch and the laser activated faucets is that you decide when to start and when to stop the flow without having to stay under the water jet at a certain distance all the time. I will keep you posted on how it goes… Ushering in a new era of convenience around the kitchen sink, Minta Touch from GROHE is unique in that it can be operated in two different ways:

  • Being a touch-sensitive faucet, it can be operated simply by touching the spout or the faucet body. This highly hygienic, extremely reliable and impressively water-saving way of drawing water is made possible by the innovative EasyTouch technology
  • At the same time, Minta Touch can also be operated using its conventional lever. The bottom line: a hybrid faucet offering an all-new level of everyday convenience.

Available with an elegant C-shaped spout with extensible spray or with a stylish L-shaped spout with extensible mousseur, GROHE Minta Touch delivers a perfect flow of water in any situation. Dirty, greasy, sticky or messy fingers? No problem at all – a light touch with the back of your hand, wrist or lower arm is all it takes. This way the faucet and the rest of the kitchen are sure to stay clean and uncontaminated. My experience and recommendations of use:

  • Always remember about this gadget's name: "TOUCH". Touch it don't beat it
  • Gentle and soft, the Minta Touch only needs a slight touch to be activated. Beating it will only make you lose your temper
  • The Minta Touch is simple to install, working on an internal battery with no need of electricity installation
  • If you have a water pressure system at home that's usually activated before bath time, the Minta Touch will sense this change of vibration in the ducts and start to flow by itself. Make sure to put it off before moving on. It only happens once
  • If on another hand, the water pressure system is always active, this issue won't have to be mentioned
  • If any problem happens, a security button at the faucet's base, will stop the flow of water in a split second
  • Minta Touch is perfectly child proof as well. Its EasyTouch functionality rules out the risk of scalding, given that it releases only the cold water flow
  • It’s operated by the slightest touch, simply and cleverly with just the back of your hand, wrist or forearm

The best thing about it: Worried that your cat will jump up, hit the faucet while you’re out, and turn it on for the day? There’s a preset automatic safety stop after 60 seconds. Floods will never happen. A useful gift that made me smile and a gadget that's worth integrating in the kitchens of the cooking amateurs. Check the video or download the PDF to know more about this innovative item.

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