June 24, 2018

Make a Toast with Nino -Your Robotic Bartender

CRA has designed the first mass-market robotic bartender for Makr Shakr, the world’s leading producer of automated cocktail makers. The app-controlled NINO robot can manage more than 170 bottles of different spirits, concocting infinite drink combinations. International design and innovation office CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati has designed the first robotic bartender catered for the mass market, to be commercialized by Makr Shakr, the world’s leading producer of automated cocktail makers.


The new app-controlled machine, called NINO, features two mechanical arms which can precisely prepare and elegantly serve any drink in seconds - shaking, stirring and muddling with coordinated, dance-like spectacular movements.


 NINO is a versatile machine that can be personalized and integrated into any existing space. With its modular structure – a base unit of 3x3x3 meters - it can give shape to endless configurations. It can be incorporated within a bar’s counter, used in freestanding mode, or installed in any open-air location.


This summer, NINO will be in action in a series of pop-up events around Europe. Furthermore, it will be the protagonist in an innovative summer club in Turin, Italy - the hometown of both CRA and Makr Shakr. NINO will be available for purchase from June 2018 at a starting price of 99,000 Euros.

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