September 26, 2017 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Mechwar to Hadath el Jebbeh
Non-smokers friendly

Hadath el Jebbeh, is a town located in Bsharri District in the North Governorate of Lebanon. It was originally settled in 400 A.D., and is situated on a hill at an altitude of 1500 meters, overlooking the Qannoubine valley, 'The Valley of Saints'. Hadath el Jebbeh is a summer resort and touristic place, benefiting from its welcoming and friendly local families. The inhabitants of the village are mostly Christian Maronite, with the presence of two Big Churches in town, the historical St. Daniel church which was built in 1110 A.D., and Notre-Dame church built in 1956. At the end of summer, Hadath el Jebbeh celebrates St. Daniel Festival, which takes place every second Sunday of September of each year. Hadath el Jebbeh is located in Bcharri district, overlooking Qannoubine Valley. The village is 94 km away from Lebanese Capital, Beirut, and 65 km away from Tripoli, the largest city in North Lebanon.

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