January 19, 2020 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Miziara: A Unique Village on Top of the Mountain

Miziara (known also as Meziara, Arabic: مزيارة) is a town located in the Zgharta District in the North Governorate of Lebanon. The village is home to Our Lady of Miziara, Mother of Mercies, St Elias Shrines And to Hotel Miziara the village's first hotel. The populated area called Miziara is formed of four villages: Miziara, Harf Miziara, Houmeis, and Sakhra.

Miziara: Miziara sits on a hilltop at 800 m above sea level, overlooking Morh Kfarsghab, Jdeideh, Zgharta, Tripoli and the Mediterranean Sea. The road that leads to it goes through Zgharta, Kfarhata, Iaal and then to Miziara. The water source is from Ain El Moutran coming through Bhairet Toula, a nearby village.
Harf Miziara and Houmeis: The road that leads to those two villages goes through Miziara.
Sakhra: Administratively, this village does not exist. The inhabitants are from Miziara, and the road that leads to it goes through Zgharta – Kfarhata – El Khaldiyeh - Sakhra. It rises 300 meters above sea level. The distance from Zgharta is 5 kilometers. Its patron Saint is Saint Maroun, whose feast is on February 9. The water source is Ain Al Jadideh (the New Spring).

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