June 17, 2014

Moët & Chandon and Yannick Alléno: ‘Le &’ Luxury Pop-up Restaurant

Moët & Chandon recently announced its new collaboration with three-time Michelin-starred French Chef Yannick Alléno – a passionate culinary perfectionist, a gastronomic original without extravagance. To inaugurate the collaboration with Yannick Alléno, the House of Moët & Chandon unveiled LE & by Moët & Chandon, a luxury pop up gastronomic and Grand Vintage concept - where the world’s most-loved champagne meets one of the world’s great chefs.


Until July 9, 2014, LE & will open its doors at L’Orangerie in Epernay, on Moët & Chandon’s estate in France. offering a unique experience melding champagne and food, where every aspect of champagne has been considered to go far beyond a simple wine and food pairing.


LE & is offering unparalleled experiential moments around Moët Impérial, Grand Vintage 2006, Grand Vintage Collection 1999 and Grand Vintage Collection 1985 and more so it offers 4 culinary experiences:

  • A “7 salt bar” showcases the effects of salinity on Champagne through texture and taste in a series of gourmet appetizers including dim sum with pork extract, Fregola Sarda with shellfish, oyster with cucumber extract and more.
  • The Cookooning Cellar is the restaurant’s main dining room connected to an open Molteni kitchen where pike terrine brioche with mushroom extract and butter with lobster coral is prepared to be served with Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection 1985 – a fantastic magnum bottling from the house’s expansive cellar.
  • A Blind Shot Room, with all light and sound removed, offers guests the opportunity to heighten their senses of taste and smell while all other senses are deprived, so that they may focus only on the sublime sparks that fly when Champagne is married to gourmet cuisine.
  • The Delice Club transforms the 19th-century estate into a contemporary lounge, where Alleno’s dessert courses are served along Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 1999 and Imperial Rose wines.

€450 per person* to live this unique Grand Vintage and 3-star chef experience and a private visit of our cellars before your LE & Experience.





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