May 02, 2012

Express Your Mood Today - Mood Mugs

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? There's a mug that will express what you're feeling. I think if I'm in a bad mood and saw these little mugs I would smile...  But in all cases, these mugs will let people know exactly what you're in the mood for or not...

These Mood Mugs are hand made, insulated porcelain mugs each having a simple facial expression to reflect the mood. They have double wall insulation which ensures that the beverage is kept hot but the hands are kept cool. It eliminates the need for a handle and creates more cupboard space.

The Monstrously Moody mug will show everyone that after snoozing your alarm 10 times and dragging yourself out of bed, you’re in no mood for a ‘chat’ at the breakfast table. The Happy as Larry mug is perfect for when you wake up with a spring in your step and there’s nothing better than reflecting on how good life is over a steaming hot brew. The Seriously Sleepy mug is perfect when you’re a bleary eyed, sleepy head. It is most ideal for that early morning coffee to give you that boost needed to wake up, or for bedtime hot chocolate to send you off to the land of nod.  





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