May 03, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Moulin D'Or: The Most Unprofessional Delivery

Two Sundays ago we were home alone my sister and i so we decided to order something to eat . I am currently on a diet but I have decided to take the day off and i was really excited about it ( finally eating something other than a salad) . That’s why despite the fact that Moulin d'or is 20 minutes away from our house we decided  to call and order something to eat.

Moulin d'Or Easter

Being an NDU student, I always eat at Moulin d’or that’s why I suggested to have one ‘mercury’ ( a chicken wrap with cheese, mayo, ..) and one roast beef sandwich.

We called and ordered at 12:30 pm, the person on the phone was very unprofessional I had to repeat the order 3 times because he was having a good laugh with a girl in the background.

We waited until 1:45 pm extremely hungry so we called and asked about the order he said that the order will take 15 to 20 more minutes to get here. we waited 30 more minutes so we called and asked for the manager she didn’t even bother saying sorry she said I’ll check with the delivery guy and I’ll call you back. 15 more minutes and she didn’t contact us so we called again and she said that they lost contact with the delivery guy and that he’s not picking up his phone so we said thank you we don’t want the order anymore…

Moulin D'Or

When we decided to order from somewhere else (it was 3:00 pm ) the delivery guy called us and said that his friend had a car accident and he had to go with him to the hospital so I told him not to bother because I’m not willing to eat frozen sandwiches but he said no they did the sandwiches all over again! they are fresh and warm. He came to our door after 3 hours of waiting for him, we expected that at least he wouldn’t ask for a delivery charge but instead he asked for the price of the sandwiches plus the delivery charge. So we said it’s fine we just want to eat and get this over with! When we got to the sandwiches they were as cold as ice! The melted cheese had become a 1 block of frozen cheese and the chicken was so cold that I couldn’t swallow it coming to the roast beef well it sucked.. So I called the customer service to tell them about the incident a woman picked up and said that they are not in the office at the moment but she will take the complaint , my name and my phone number and they will contact me. well they haven’t yet and I don’t think they will but shame on Moulin d’or its already enough to pay 18.000LL for two sandwiches but it is not acceptable to pay such an amount and have the sandwiches after 3 hours cold and disgusting !!

Never stepping a foot at Moulin d’or again that’s for sure.

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