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Murray: The Famous Shawarma Show and Delicious French Fries in Antelias
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Located in Antelias' main restaurant artery, Murray is your international food restaurant serving a handful of items from breakfast to dinner. You can eat anything you crave for: Lebanese mezze, appetizers, manakish, salads, sandwiches and burgers, pizzas, pasta, shawarma, appetizers, main courses, on the grill and desserts.


Murray has been known for its Shawarma station. Beef, chicken, burger or soujok. You can be “M3allem Shawarma” for a moment cutting your own, live at the table. For 60,000LBP, you’ll receive a huge shawarma portion and a mountain of fries.

International music, a big LED screen, natural light coming from all sides; we sat to have lunch on the terrace. The restaurant also has a winter corner under an old stone arcade.

Expect big-sized portions; really big portions the American way. One block of halloumi, three giant balls of cheese, seven shrimp in one plate, and a mountain of quinoa with salmon; four generous rolls of salmon. That was only the start. 


I loved the halloumi slices. Deep-fried battered halloumi with a side of ham, adding the needed sweetness. Three balls of goat cheese shanklish covered with cranberries and a side of honey. Rich and flavorful, the plate offers interesting textures and flavors. Crispy esmalliyeh shrimp, fried shrimp with chili sauce, and the plates continued landing in front of us one after the next.

Try the cheese volcano: molten cheese and tender beef in a bread bun. A plate to share where a handful of fries, half a kilogram of beef, mushrooms and grilled onions, mixed with cheese. There even a side salad on this plate.


Worth talking about, the friend fries. Thick French fries with a crispy envelop and a warm, soft heart. Perfectly fried French fries, they are addictive. The shawarma show arriving at the table, you receive fries for a whole community. Addictive fries! 1200 grams of shawarma meat for three persons; let the show begin.

Tarator, pickles, biwaz, and fries. The best way to eat it is to serve it yourself, fill your plate with fries, top them with meat, and then drizzle tarator on them. With the fork, enjoy a juicy mix. Good food! I was honestly not expecting to be amazed. Juicy beef, richly flavorful tarator and super-duper fries. 


Happy to have tried Murray. If you’re a Shisha fan, visit and enjoy a tasty meal. I’ll surely come back again.

Murray Restaurant Antelias

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