October 26, 2019 Lebanon Middle East

My Name is LEBANON...

What’s your name they ask me, I say Lebanon. Yes, my name is Lebanon!

Today, Lebanon is at its turning point in its history, and I personally have never been prouder to be Lebanese. I say prouder because I am and have always been proud to be a Lebanese!

With all its ups and downs, my mission has always been to shed light on good things my country holds, the strength the people show, and the perseverance they each carry. I say prouder because not a day has passed, and I doubted my fellow Lebanese citizen - young and old. Every one of us is a hero in their own right. Each one of us has kept the Cedar on our beloved flag strong and tall.

Today, the Cedar is revolting for change... each leaf and branch represent each and every one of us... it represents the young generation studying hard to gain knowledge they can use to better their Lebanon, it represents the strong young woman who fights for equality, it represents the old man who worked his whole life on a land that gives us so much, it represents the old woman who cries every night for her loss, her son who died defending his land, it represents each one of us who stands strong to fight for a better Lebanon.

The tree stands strong with roots spreading throughout 10452k2 our Lebanon, touching everyone’s homes and hearts. The source is one... love is one, and our DNA is one. We are a Lebanese, and that’s how we define ourselves...

So yes, my name Lebanon and my religion is my love for my country.

I ask you now... What’s your name?





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